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Looking for upholstered furniture and draperies in Malibu or anywhere nearby? Then maybe you should know that Daniel’s Design House was established in the 1980’s and since then it has been the region’s most trusted source of interior design materials and furniture. We offer a variety of assembled furniture that is elegant, stylish and top of the class. With a wealth of experience not only in Malibu drapery but with all interior design details, our experts are always there to assist you. We also specialize in Malibu upholstery and window treatments that are stylistic and functional, which oftentimes end up being the talk of the town.

With Malibu upholstery and custom furniture, there are many options for you to choose from, whether it be a custom starter sofa to an elegant couch, simple curtains to glamorous drapes, your home would be a perfectly styled and furnished sanctuary wherein you can rest, relax and enjoy with your loved ones. We would also like to let you know that our company has great knowledge and know how when it comes to fabrics, trims and design; assuring you that you will get what you need when you want it. Our experts can work with you to discuss precisely what you are looking for, whether it is a sofa, loveseat, club chairs, benches, dining chairs or ottomans. You name it and we’ll deliver just the way you want it.

Custom drapery Malibu and upholstered furniture, whether in Malibu or somewhere near the vicinity, always comes in style. The old ways of shopping where you walk in a furniture shop, look around, make a purchase and walk out the shop with loads of shopping items without any assistance has all changed. Now at Daniel’s Design House, you can take advantage of their professional services, such as free estimates, free pick-up and delivery, measuring and installation, design and on-site work room. You are guaranteed to have a 100 percent quality craftsmanship. It would be difficult to make a mistake with custom upholstered furniture in Malibu or nearby with the assistance of professionals and the choices that our company offers.

Daniel’s Design House of Malibu provides custom drapes and upholstered furniture in so many areas. Whether simple or extravagant, trimmed or relaxed, stationary or functional, hard or soft, the drapes from Malibu will give the room an accentuated view, completing the whole appearance and ambience you desire. The company has been trusted by the region since 1980 to provide clients with custom designs. They also have provided the community with personalized service and expertise unequaled in the world of custom design.

Designers from Daniel’s Design House are well seasoned and are always there to help give custom windows treatments privacy, personality and constant design development for any home setting, whether in Malibu or any nearby communities. Our designers will work with you to assist you through numerous choices available, to find the exact window treatment to match your home setting. Your imaginations are the limits to our creation.

The company is committed to provide top quality craftsmanship in fabrics, furnishings, custom window treatments and features unto every house in its local service area, within the vicinity of Malibu. We closely interact with our customers and encourage them to actively participate in all of the design process – from choosing materials to solving problems, conceptualization until completion. What sets Daniel’s Design House apart from the competition is that we not only guarantee results; we make them. We are committed in providing the highest quality of custom window treatments, fabrics and upholstery that Malibu has ever had.

For up-to-date custom upholstered furniture please call Daniel’s Design House at (805) 494-4941 or (818) 707-7379.

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